About Us

Omelette Queen Caterers offers you a wide selection of hot and cold buffet foods, Including a unique assortment of hors d’oeuvres, seasional fresh fruit & vegetables.

We also offer a large variety of delicious salads to accompany any meal.

We take a lot of pride in our omelettes, and our artful way of catering to your exact needs.  An unlimited variety of fillings and toppings are available for you and your guests’ taste.


About the original Queen of Omelettes, Susan

“In 1976, I started the Omelette Queen.  In searching for my niche in the food industry, I decided to specialize in a unique service: cooking omelettes, made to order.  From the flip of the omelette, to the selection of the fillings, the guests are a part of the cooking experience.  From humble beginnings, I have expanded the menu to include a full range of options for both corporate and home settings–we are more than eggs!  Most people go to work, I go to parties.  Simply, I make people happy by preparing delicious food.”

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